A Place on the Prairie…

to connect with nature

and learn to live sustainably



The closer attention I pay to whatever piece of the world is before me

the more amazed I am by it…it is the specialness, the difference, the intricacy,

the ‘unutterable particularity’ of each creature, event or aspect of nature

that calls forth wonder and delight – a knowing that calls forth love

and a love that wants to know more. — Sallie McFague


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And Something New:

Where in the World are We – and You –
on Changes in Weather, Climate, Nature?

A Public Education Program
for your group, class, organization

Changes we see in the weather or nature around us cause a mixture of emotions. These may include fear, disbelief, denial, anger, passion, even helplessness.  We may have questions we are reluctant to raise. Some may feel overwhelmed or paralyzed by what appears to be happening that we feel powerless to change.

This presentation, developed by a team with the Oklahoma United Methodist Environmental Coalition, is a user-friendly, interactive approach to facing, expressing and acting on our love for our planet home, our concern for the changes happening, and our desire to do things that will make a difference. An interfaith, ecumenical or secular program, it is available for civic groups, clubs, youth and college groups, churches, synagogues, mosques, families. If you are ready to talk about what to do to care with the planet, personally or as a community, we’re available to facilitate a process that will help you do just that – in a one-hour program – or longer. Hope springs eternal; we’d like to share ours.

To learn more and schedule a presentation, contact:
Pat Hoerth, Turtle Rock Farm. pathoerth@gmail.com or 580.917.6011

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