A Place on the Prairie

and in an Urban Farm


to connect with nature
and human community

and learn to live sustainably
so that all life can flourish


ruth atterberry on the prairie

The closer attention I pay to whatever piece of the world is before me

the more amazed I am by it…it is the specialness, the difference, the intricacy,

the ‘unutterable particularity’ of each creature, event or aspect of nature

that calls forth wonder and delight – a knowing that calls forth love

and a love that wants to know more. — Sallie McFague


Ann and Pat began offering retreats at Turtle Rock Farm in the fall of 2007. So, for 10 years, we enthusiastically watched (and were often astonished) to see what evolved on the prairie…
Retreats in the areas of spirituality, sustainability and cosmology
Soon came animals: chickens, guinea fowl, rabbits, alpaca, pygmy goats
with a great team, we built a strawbale hermitage
added a hoop house
added an apiary
mowed a giant prairie labyrinth
led retreats in other places, cities and states
installed solar panels
learned about permaculture, built swales and berms
hosted Green Connections’ Earth Day celebrations
and the absolutely magical annual Prairie Dinner and Concert
We began leading retreats at Turtle Rock Farm In Town, in the CommonWealth Urban Farm community in Oklahoma City.
In 2018, we are offering lodging for private individual, family, small group retreats–in the strawbale hermitage and in the farmhouse. (Click here for Lodging info.)
We are not offering programmed retreats in 2018.
At Turtle Rock Farm In Town, in the CommonWealth Urban Farm Community in Oklahoma City, Pat is leading a new program:
Hands in the Soil: Clergy at CommonWealth
Though we are “lying fallow” from retreat offerings at Turtle Rock Farm this year, rest assured that we continue to work in other ways for a flourishing, just and sustainable planet.
Ann and Frank are farming the pecan and walnut groves and tending beehives. (And spending every moment they can–outside–with seven grandchildren.)
Pat is living in the CommonWealth Urban Farms community, feeling extremely grateful for the opportunity to engage in the good work at a farming community in the city! She is still doing spiritual direction, creation spirituality teaching and presentations and happily giving tours and helping out in other ways as part of the CommonWealth community. Email her if you’re interested in receiving the CommonWealth newsletter to find out more about the urban farm offerings. (pathoerth@gmail.com Or, click here: CW newsletter signup.)
We are deeply grateful for the work we have been privileged to engage in the last 10 years; for all the people we have spent time with–
walking the prairie,
building composting bins, raised beds, bee hives,
cooking, meditating, making the cosmic walk,
feeding the animals, gathering eggs,
exploring the creek, watching the sun disappear over the horizon,
engaging with children and adults alike as they paid close attention to life in the natural world.
We know about planting seeds and we hope they grow lush and green!
Beauty, Wonder, Love, Peace,
Pat & Ann

10 years of TRF Photos