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Green Connections is a 501c3 Not-for-Profit corporation founded by a friend who loves Earth, who believes Earth can heal us and that we can learn to live in harmony with all of God’s good creation. Turtle Rock Farm believes in the mission of >Green Connections and supports its work.

Green Connections’ Earth Day celebration is held at Turtle Rock Farm. It is a free fun and educational event open to the public.

Green Connections also honors our military women with a yearly retreat. They can come to Turtle Rock Farm and enjoy a day in nature for a chance to connect with one another and share the peace and quiet that nature has to offer.

In the fall, Green Connections holds a dinner on the prairie and concert in the barn at Turtle Rock Farm. The dinner is a feast of local food prepared by Chef Barb of Kam’s Kookery. This year’s  concert will feature folk singer/songwriter Ann Zimmerman of Salina, Kansas. This event is October 12 this year.

Board members are Sr. Mary Moloney, Elizabeth Box Price, Kay Adair, Dorothy Gray, Shauna Struby (President,) Claudia Scribner, Tom Temple, Vicki Rose (Treasurer.)

You may send tax deductible donations to Green Connections, 5900 CR 90, Red Rock, OK 74651,or donate on-line with paypal by clinking on the button below.

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TransitionOKC is a program of Green Connections.

We stand at a crossroads – do we ignore the related challenges of energy, economy and environment? Or do we join together in our communities to create a more fulfilling way of life that uses less energy and resources, and helps communities become healthier, more sustainable places to live?

Transition OKC believes that working together, using fun, creativity, innovation, and collaborative grassroots actions, we can meet these challenges while forging a more sustainable and resilient economy and way of living.

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