About Turtle Rock Farm



Turtle Rock Farm: A Center for Sustainability, Spirituality and Healing is located on the land that has been our family farm for 115 years.

In the early years it was a subsistence farm. Our grandparents and their children raised almost everything they ate. Following the Dust Bowl years and World War II, our father, an agronomy graduate from Oklahoma A&M College in Stillwater, built terraces and ponds and used other soil and water conservation practices. As children, we helped with sheep and chickens and turkeys. In the 1970’s conventional agriculture moved toward bigger machinery, fence-to-fence production of primarily monocultures. Our farm produced wheat primarily, some hay, and cattle. As children, we helped raise chickens and turkeys and when we were old enough, our dad taught us to drive tractors to helping with field work and haul wheat during harvest. Our parents taught us to garden, and our mom taught us to cook.

While the largest part of the farm is still primarily grain (wheat and canola), some hay and cattle, we are learning about permaculture systems and organic growing. Before he died, our father, while in his mid-seventies, planted a pecan grove. We are managing it organically. Our organic gardens include a high tunnel (unheated greenhouse) for year-round production, primarily for our own food. We have planted many trees in recent years and have built swales and berms on the keyline to develop forestry agriculture—a multi-species, perennial food production system here on the prairie. You can read about our pilot project on our blog: A New Day and Rain is Staying on the Farm!

Raised here on the farm as children, we long held a dream to return one day and start a retreat center. In 2007, we began Turtle Rock Farm: A Center for Sustainability, Spirituality and Healing.