Mission Statement


Our Mission Statement

To connect with nature
and live in ways that contribute
to the flourishing of all life

on the planet


We believe that Earth has intrinsic value.
We believe that the planet is one living, organic system and that human beings are interdependent with all life on the planet.

We call on humans to participate consciously as part of the web of life.

We aim to provide opportunities for people to experience our connectedness with the rest of the natural world in three distinct ways:
+ organizing and leading retreats that afford people the experience of our connection and interdependence with the web of life, all of creation, each other and the Source of love and goodness
+ promote healing – of Earth, creation and humans, through connecting with Earth which, we believe, can heal us; and sharing in mutual community
+ living sustainably and teaching and supporting others in their efforts to live sustainably
By sustainability, we mean honoring, bringing, enabling life rather than harming and disposing of life; learning practical things to do to help sustain life on Earth.